Jack’s going to make something of himself. Just as soon as he leaves this crappy tourist island he calls home. For now he’s working in a beach bar kitchen, smoking away his wages and wanking over girls on Chatroulette.

Daisy Hughes, Grace Watts and Jack Bence in SWIMMING, July 2013

Daisy Hughes, Grace Watts and Jack Bence in SWIMMING, July 2013

Set against a backdrop of beautiful sunsets, starry nights and fading seaside towns, Swimming is a play about connection, disconnection, the pressure of making your mark and what it’s like to be trapped by your hometown.

About Swimming

In April 2013, I was commissioned by Menagerie Theatre’s Hotbed Festival to write a new one-act play to be produced and performed as part of the 2013 festival in July.

Directed by Tony Casement, associate director at Colchester Mercury, Swimming is a play about three young people from the Isle of Wight who are about to embark on the rest of their lives.

The play was performed at Cambridge Junction, Colchester Mercury and Soho Theatre in July 2013. A new edited version of the play then went to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.


In August 2012, I left my life in Nottingham to spend some time in the Isle of Wight. After eight years working in marketing and PR, I took a waitressing job in a seaside restaurant and spent a frantic few months working 14-hour shifts in the sunshine (usually).

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