Audience feedback for Swimming

We got some lovely audience feedback (from people I don’t know!) and here it is:

Claire Wood @cmfwood · Aug 24

#Swimming @ThePleasance. A cracking piece of #edfringe theatre with plenty of attitude and lots of heart: …

Ann Percival @lapercival · Aug 23

@SwimmingFringe watched Thurs performance of this beautifully written thought provoking piece with outstanding & absorbing performances

Erica @janericat · Aug 23

@JanieU @Grace_G_Watts @Jess_Mads @Jack_bence Saw @swimmingfringe this week. Beatifully written and performed. Congratulations all.

Lynne @lynney85 · Aug 21

My random Fringe choice of Swimming by @Menagerie_ was outstanding. Left with tears in my eyes. Cast were amazing.

shelley draper @smelbyd · 22h

Watched @SwimmingFringe today, very moving, brilliantly written by @JanieU superb, brave acting too. GO SEE! #unbored #edfringe

Joe Plumb @TheRealJoePlumb · Aug 21

@JanieU I loved @SwimmingFringe. Captured the characters of the Isle of Wight beautifully. A powerful ending and stunning performances.

Eleanor Field @EleanorMField · Aug 21

Jane Upton’s #Swimming @SwimmingFringe is beautiful. A modern Dubliners. Stunning poetry. Deserves to be selling out. @JanieU

Katy @katysallen1 · Aug 20

Go see @SwimmingFringe, beautiful story performed by a talented cast. @Jack_bence gives a standout performance of real emotional depth.

Joanna Rosenfeld @JoJoRosenfeld · Aug 19

Highlight of today at the fringe had to be @SwimmingFringe by @Menagerie_ what an incredible piece of writing and flawless performances!

BlunderRuss @BlunderRuss · Aug 19

Enjoyed @SwimmingFringe at@edfringe this week. Wasn’t sure to start with, but actually finished with a lump in my throat. Give it a go.

Darren Grice @DarrenGrice · Aug 19

Just seen #Swimming @edfringe really powerful and perfect for @_TheGarage #edhouse

Alex Box @alexbox5 · Aug 19

Just seen Swimming by @Menagerie_ and it was incredible. If you’re at Edinburgh Fringe, go and see it. It’s at the Pleasance Dome.

Katrina Allen @Katrinallen · Aug 19

Just watched @SwimmingFringe by @Menagerie_ at #edfrindge absolutely wonderful show, brilliant writing and three compelling performances.

Paul Davies @Stagewrite_ · Aug 19

@SwimmingFringe is another hot tip- beautifully acted and written, it speaks to us of bored summers. loss and the possibility of love.

Alex Dowding @alexgdowding · Aug 19

Finally managed to see @SwimmingFringe yesterday @ThePleasance. Proper intelligent theatre with electric performances throughout! #unbored

Tom Stickland @Twigstick · Aug 18

Day3 #edfringe: Swimming is a well-formed play with a stonker of a performance from Jack Bence who was both strong and fragile

Paul Davies @Stagewrite_ · Aug 18

Back from a gr8 few days in Edinburgh- tired but inspired! @SwimmingFringe gorgeous and well acted, Every Brilliant Thing topped my list!

Buffalo Brownies @buffalobrownies · Aug 17 … – we’ve reviewed our @edfringe trip: highlights were @AlexHorne, @EdGambleComedy, @sarapascoe and @SwimmingFringe 🙂

Simon Hollingworth @shollsworthy · Aug 15

Congratulations to @JanieU for #swimming @edfringe Cracking dialogue & great performances

@MathRussell (Watford Palace Theatre): The dialogue crackles in @Menagerie_‘s evocative, increasingly authentic ‘Swimming’, although brief scenes leave some ideas unexplored

Lisa Bertellotti‏@ellebert

Just saw the wonderful @Jack_bence in #Swimming brought me to tears in the best way.

Naghi1 @HazelNaghi · Aug 13

Really enjoyed watching Swimming at #edfringe! A must see!

Annie Harris @anniethtr · Aug 13

First show of the day: @SwimmingFringe. Accurate portrayal of how ridiculously bullshit it is to work in food service. Loved Milly.

Ben Fairey @Ben_Fairey · Aug 11

Great show today: @SwimmingFringe 3pm @ the Queen Dome @ThePleasance Amazing acting from @Jack_bence Go see it! #edfringe #goodstuff

Emilie W. @EmilieLAW · Aug 11

@SwimmingFringe really loved the show, dark yet heart-warming & thought-provoking! Such a good show, very impressed! #edfringe #TimesReview

Sarah Mayhew @hewston · Aug 11

Just seen @SwimmingFringe it is glorious! @Jack_bence and @Grace_G_Watts are bloody divoon. @EastToEdinburgh ROCKS!

Jen Kay @jenniffy · Aug 11

Loved @SwimmingFringe ! Feel like I have known – maybe even been – all of those characters. Bloody good. Go see it. #edfringe

Sadie Hasler @sadiehasler · Aug 11

Just saw the brilliant @SwimmingFringe @Jack_bence & @Grace_G_Watts were just awesome. Great performances. GO. @EastToEdinburgh #YEAH

Luke Bayer @lukebayer · Aug 10

Absolutely LOVED @SwimmingFringe this afternoon! Stunning production and incredible actors! @Jack_bence @Jess_Mads @Grace_G_Watts

Carla Turner @misscarlaturner · Aug 9

@JanieU loved #Swimming @ThePleasance @Jack_bence @Jess_Mads @Grace_G_Watts was gripped by the words and performances! Thank you x

Karl Wilson @KarlMWilson · Aug 4

Just seen #Swimming. A touching, funny, powerful drama. Superbly acted. Go see it! 3pm Pleasance Dome. @edfringe @Jess_Mads @ThePleasance

Emma Hayes @emmakahayes · Aug 8

highlight of yesterday was #Swimming @ThePleasance followed by dinner @MUMSEDINBURGH – irresistible treacle and date pudding! #edfringe

James Haddrell @JamesHaddrell · Aug 10

Just saw @SwimmingFringe – proper no-gimmick playwriting from Jane Upton, next adapting Daphne du Maurier touring to @GreenwichTheatr in Sep

Amy Cameron @amykcameron · Aug 9

Loved seeing @SwimmingFringe today, amazing show with such talented actors

hi i’m liv @LiviWitts · Aug 9

recommendations #edfringe 1)@uclu_htd ‘How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found’ 2)@Phat_Phunk ‘Phlash’ 3) @SwimmingFringe ‘Swimming’

Chris Sudworth @ChrisSudworth · Aug 8

Wish I could make @The_Gramophones #wanderlust and @menagerie_ @SwimmingFringe @edfringe but home tomorrow #eastmidlandstalent

Scott Payne @spayne128 · Aug 8

@SwimmingFringe Forgot to say I saw your show a few days ago and really liked it. Great writing and impressive performances 🙂

Ellen Gibbons @Ellen_Gibbons · Aug 6

If you are up at #edfringe and have any sense at all go and see the wonderful @SwimmingFringe , saw it in soho and it’s up all month!

Stanley Eldridge @StanleyEldridge · Aug 6

@SwimmingFringe is bloody good stuff. And a lovely bunch of talented actors to boot. Go see @ThePleasance #QueenDome #edfringe

Michael Davis @Michael30517721 · Jul 29

@Grace_G_Watts @ThePleasance Thoroughly enjoyed #Swimming during its run in Soho last week. Best wishes for the run @edfringe!

Ben Fairey (

I wanted to look at other shows other than comedy so I checked this one out by chance when I got recommended it. I was not disappointed. It was a really engaging story of love, loss and the divisions between these feelings when people are determined to go their own way. The three characters contrasted really well from each other. The subtext provided immaculate revelation towards the end. It was nice to see a more serious play go to such deep, dark places in a setting like The Isle of Wight. A place that personally, I find difficult to have an opinion of! 5 stars!


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